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About Dr. Nancy Stanley

Life and Health Coach & Physical Therapist

I have grown several ground breaking businesses and have had the most pleasure building this successful health coaching business.

When you hear people say,

“You were my Hail Mary and it worked for me…I feel better than I have in 20 years”.

This is when I know that my program works.

People that have given up on getting any better and dropping weight are now 30, 40, 50, 80, 100#s lighter and on less medication and enjoying being a part of a healthy group of people. I promise you… you will not be disappointed in doing this Challenge.

I Will Be Coaching You Daily in an App on Your Phone.

Here is what Paul said about the App and how it has helped him to lose 20#s and keep it off now for 4 years. It even helped him to land new acting jobs. If you want a program that will not only help you lose weight but show you how to keep it off for the long haul.

 “The 7 A’s this program offered that helped me lose the weight where before I had only lost hope:

Accountability (both checklists to do and feedback on what I did)

Affirmation (celebrating the wins and being part of a supportive community)

Action-plan (step-by-step checklist for the day and for meals)

Attitude (adjustment – “I can do this”)

Awareness – mindfulness practices to change my relationship with food; also tracking activities/choices over the week(s) creates a bigger picture of my habits

Advice – insight from people who have already done what I hope to accomplish

Aspiration – setting goals, aiming higher than I had before”

Paul before and after
Sandra Toole

Real Results

When you can say that almost all of your clients have lost 80% of the weight they wanted to lose and have kept it off. And that they are not gaining it back at holidays now because they know exactly what to do. That is RESULTS. I know for me 30#s was a lot to lose because in the past I had only been able to lose about 8-10 and I couldn’t keep it off. I have been at my goal weight now for 5 years and will never go back because I know why I was gaining and how to drop weight without dieting.

nancy transformation 500x500
Tracy Martin

Average Pounds of Weight Loss


Maintained Weight Loss After 1 Year


Lost additional weight after 90 Days

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What if I need to lose more than 30 pounds?

You can join the next Challenge in fact about 60 percent of my clients do. They love the community and they want to get to their goal of 40, 50, 60 or 100 pounds.

How will I know the right foods to buy at the store?

I have videos recorded for you of my shopping trips and you will also have guides and remember the daily support of a text or phone call to me.

What if I don’t like greens?
You can take capsules that will supply the necessary nutrients that you are missing from not eating greens.
What if I am diabetic and can’t fast or hypoglycemic?
You are exactly the person I love to help. Getting the sugar out of your body is a sure way to come off your medication and heal you body of this disease. All of my diabetics lower their medication and feel so much better.

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