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The Revive U Challenge Program is a community of people that just like you want to be healthier and slimmer. Just like you they want to have more energy, better sleep and the knowledge of what the right foods are. Most of all they want to quit dieting and start living and enjoying a healthy relationship with food.


This isn’t about DEPRIVATION but fueling your body to PERFORM

Once you have the RIGHT information about how to fuel you body you will notice that you are not hungry. You will not feel deprived and because you will learn the right supplements and foods that supply your body with the best nutrients you will have amazing energy, better sleep and and overall new lease on life.

What makes this program different from anything else you have tried?

  • You are not in this alone… Coach Nancy is coaching you daily in the app on your phone and is available via text or phone call to answer questions and cheer you on. Daily coaching is what you get and not from an automated response but Coach Nancy herself.
  • You’ll learn how to change the conversation you have been having with yourself about food. This is one of the key things that brings success immediately and also long term to my clients. You will spend the first few weeks re-creating a new way of viewing and thinking about food. That’s why it’s called a lifestyle and not a diet.
  • There is no shake, potion or pill… just good clean food that you will enjoy and look forward to.
  • You will have guided exercises classes with Coach Nancy that you can enjoy live or watch the replay. These are about 20-25 minutes and as a physical therapist Coach Nancy makes sure you protect yourself from injury while gaining strength and knowledge about how to heal your body and keep it mobile. No more hard workouts at the gym.
  • You will learn how to start and successfully complete a fast that will allow your body to shred fat. All of my clients are scared of this at first but after they complete their first fast they all say “it was easy and I feel so much more energy”.
  • You will be guided by a Meditation Coach in daily meditations. My clients love that they learn how to meditate and are thrilled about their new awareness and mindfulness.

What’s Possible? Look at These Incredible Results!

Linda Bratton
Karon Best
Kristy Herndon
Michael Tapley
Tracy Martin
Wynelle Batton
Sandra Toole

Clear Actionable Steps

Get a clear list of lessons & habits every day that will help you become healthier. No more guessing what to eat and when to eat it. This is not a list of foods but a lifestyle. At the end of 90 Days you will be your own nutrition expert.

Coaching and Community

Get expert advice, accountability and support from your coach & from our private Marco Polo video app. Our clients love this community of support and you will meet new friends to travel with on this journey to health.

Access Anytime Anywhere

Get access to your coach and the content anywhere and anytime.

About Dr. Nancy Stanley

Life and Health Coach & Physical Therapist

I have grown several ground breaking businesses and have had the most pleasure building this successful health coaching business.

When you hear people say,

“You were my Hail Mary and it worked for me…I feel better than I have in 20 years”.

This is when I know that my program works.

People that have given up on getting any better and dropping weight are now 30, 40, 50, 80, 100#s lighter and on less medication and enjoying being a part of a healthy group of people. I promise you… you will not be disappointed in doing this Challenge.

How I can Help

dr nancy stanley food prep

Food Prep/Shopping List

You will have access to so many good recipes and on my YouTube channel cooking demos of delicious recipes. There is a private “Challenge Cookbook” that is updated regularly by participants with tried and true recipes. You will not be wondering what or how to cook or what to buy at the grocery store.

dr nancy stanley exercise


I offer “Swerve” exercise classes in the private app that are designed with you in mind. Not an hour in the gym but just the right amount to keep you active and mobile but not wear you down.

dr nancy stanley supplements


You will be coached on what are the best supplements, why you need them, and where to purchase the best quality so you don’t waste your money.

dr nancy stanley scale


You will learn how to fast. Most of my clients end the challenge fasting for 18-24 hours every day. What this means is fat shred, less cooking and less food expense. Don’t worry every client I’ve ever had was scared to fast but when they did their first fast they can’t believe how easy it is.

dr nancy stanley meditation


You will have a private meditation coach. Meditation is learning how to have mindfulness and once you learn this you will be amazed at how successful you can be at relieving stress, sleeping all night (no more bathroom trips) and more energy.

dr nancy stanley community


Everyone that is transforming their life needs a community. You will have new friends and fellowship to help you on this journey. In the private app you can jump on and share a short video or prayer request for your struggle and someone is immediately there to offer support and encouragement.

dr nancy stanley lifetime access

Lifetime Access

As your coach you will have lifetime access to me. My clients say they still hear my voice coaching them when they are tempted to drift back to their old habits.


I have created a FREE Webinar that will tell you exactly why you have gained weight and how to get rid of it.

Here’s What You Will Learn In This Training…

Getting the RIGHT Information!

PART 1: Why all of your attempts at losing weight haven’t worked and why you have that ring around the middle and how to finally get rid of it.
PART 2: Why you have those awful cravings and how to get rid of them for good.
PART 3: The truth about hidden sugars and where to find them.
PART 4: Why fat is not the problem and what are the right fats to add back to your diet for optimal brain function.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What if I need to lose more than 30 pounds?

You can join the next Challenge in fact about 60 percent of my clients do. They love the community and they want to get to their goal of 40, 50, 60 or 100 pounds.

How will I know the right foods to buy at the store?

I have videos recorded for you of my shopping trips and you will also have guides and remember the daily support of a text or phone call to me.

What if I don’t like greens?
You can take capsules that will supply the necessary nutrients that you are missing from not eating greens.
What if I am diabetic and can’t fast or hypoglycemic?
You are exactly the person I love to help. Getting the sugar out of your body is a sure way to come off your medication and heal you body of this disease. All of my diabetics lower their medication and feel so much better.

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